It's all about taste!

We consider ourselves to be more of a flavour company than a traditional lemonade producer.

At Matr Copenhagen, it's all about taste. That’s why we exclusively use generous quantities of organic ingredients, which can be tasted in all of our products.

We consider ourselves to be more of a flavour company than a traditional lemonade producer. For this reason, our products aren’t quite as sweet in taste, as we believe that more of the flavour emerges when a little acidity still remains.

Water, fruits/extracts, and cane sugar are the only ingredients we use to make our organic lemonades and nectars. This can lead to subtle differences in taste in every batch we make, as we exclusively use organic ingredients.

Our Favorite

Unique citrus fruit taste that can best be compared as a mixture of fresh lemon, sweet clementine and bitter grapefruit.

With the simple blend of water, yuzu juice, lemon juice and cane sugar, the unique taste of the yuzu fruit is fully enhanced, which makes us love this Yuzu Lemonade.

Best Mistake Ever

Tastes of ripe limes, with a subtle aftertaste of ginger.

What do you get when you start day-dreaming? Our Lime/Ginger Lemonade! By mistaking the ingredients, we accidentally made the best mistake ever, resulting in our Organic Lime/Ginger Lemonade.

Real Taste

Fresh and sour taste without being too sweet.

As we have added plenty of sour lemons, the lemonade has full lemon flavour, even though no E-numbers are added. This is our best take on a real Organic Lemon Lemonade.

Never from concentrate

Only excellents ingredients.

When spending lots of time and resources finding the perfect ingredients, we see no reason to cheat – which is why we never use concentrate in our lemonades.

No Additives

No E-numbers.

We have chosen to always add more fruit to our lemonades rather than E-numbers, which has no place among our ingedients.

Produced in Denmark

100% organic

All our lemonades and nactars are 100% organic and are bottled at a small family owned bottling plant in Funen and all production takes place in Denmark. Our organic production is certified by The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration.