Flavourful Organic Small Batch Lemonades

At Matr Copenhagen, our focus is on exceptional taste, and we are committed to using only organic ingredients that are bursting with flavour. With our name deriving from the Old Norse word for food, we are inspired by the Nordic ethos of simplicity.

To ensure that every sip is of the utmost quality, we craft our lemonades in small batches, with no more than 2.000 liters per batch, and always without any aromas, colours, concentrates or preservatives.


Our Favorite

An unique citrus fruit taste that can best be compared as a mixture of fresh lemon, sweet clementine and bitter grapefruit.

With the simple blend of water, yuzu juice, lemon juice, lemongrass and cane sugar, the unique taste of the yuzu fruit is fully enhanced, which makes us love this Cloudy Yuzu Lemonade.


Best Mistake Ever

What do you get when you start day-dreaming? Our Sweet Lime & Ginger Lemonade! By mistaking the ingredients, we accidentally made the best mistake ever, resulting in our Sweet Organic Lime & Ginger Lemonade.


Real Taste

Fresh and tart taste without being too sweet. As we have added plenty of sour lemons, the lemonade has full lemon flavour, even though no E-numbers are added. This is our best take on a real Organic Lemon Lemonade.