Press release 7. February 2021

Yuzu lemonade – the taste you will never forget... is now organic

Now you can enjoy an organic version of one of the world’s most expensive and most distinctive citrus fruits, better known as yuzu fruit, as often as you would like. The Danish company Matr Copenhagen has made this possible by making a yuzu lemonade, made with just organic yuzu, water, cane sugar and some lemon.

The yuzu fruit is still unknown to many, but is a sure hit once you get to know it with its distinctive flavour of fresh lemon, sweet clementine and bitter grapefruit. It originates from Asia and even though it most resembles a lemon yellow clementine, it only gives 10-12 ml of juice despite its size. The low juice yield makes the yuzu fruit very expensive as well as much sought after due to its very special taste.

Claus Weiland, CEO of Matr Copenhagen, still remembers the first time he tasted yuzu. It was while visiting San Francisco several years ago:

”I was completely sold. It is a taste you will never forget once you’ve tried it.”

It is an experience that should not be missed according to the CEO of the Matr Copenhagen, so when the company’s first lemonade was on the drawing board, it was quite natural that it became a lemonade with yuzu. Now they have finally made an organic version of it.

Claus Weiland explains that there are other products on the market with yuzu, but none organice, where the flavour of yuzu stands out as much as it does in the lemonade from Matr Copenhagen, and he adds:

”We have gone after the pure, distinctive flavour of yuzu. And when you have such a fantastic fruit like yuzu, there is no reason to mix anything in, other than a bit of lemon so it does not become too sweet. That is why our lemonade exclusively contains organic yuzu, water, cane sugar and lemon.”

With their yuzu lemonade, Matr Copenhagen has made one of the world’s most expensive and most sought after citrus fruits available to you. Whether it is an experience you will never forget, you can only find out by tasting it. One thing is certain, the company is excited about their organic yuzu lemonade and already has plans for more distinctive tastes for their next lemonades.

For further information, please contact:

Founder & CEO
Claus Weiland
Telephone: +45 60572070

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About Matr Copenhagen
Matr Copenhagen is a Danish company which specializes in organic juices, nectars and lemonades.
At Matr Copenhagen, it is all about taste, and we are quite proud of the subtle differences in taste present in every batch we make, as we exclusively use generous quantities of organic ingredients that are full of flavour.
“Matr” means “food” in Old Norse, and we embrace that name, as we are inspired by the Nordic tradition of simplicity, which is expressed by a list of ingredients that is as short as possible.