Sweet Lime & Ginger

Some people prefer a strong ginger flavor, while others opt for a milder version. In our organic lime/ginger lemonade, we've toned down the ginger to let the lime shine as the star.

You'll taste the refreshing lime first, followed by a mild and subtle hint of ginger, along with flavor notes of thyme, which add complexity to the lemonade.

We call our organic lime/ginger lemonade the ultimate terrace lemonade. The combination of lime and ginger, spiced with thyme, is the perfect companion for hot summer days when you can relax on the terrace and enjoy this refreshing drink to the fullest.

Ingredients: Water, 15% lime juice*, cane sugar*, 2% ginger*, thyme*. Pasteurized. * = Organic

Nutrition Facts per 100 ml.:



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- of which sugars



185 kj/44 kcal

0 g

0 g

11 g

11 g

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