Lime Lemonade



Fresh and sour taste with a touch of mint.

The classic lime lemonade can often be slightly too sweet. Ours isn’t. Our lemon lemonade has been lightly sweetened and filled with ripe limes, resulting in a refreshing yet sour flavour, without being overly sweet.

We've also added a touch of mint to make it taste a bit like a mojito.

It is the perfect thirst quencher on hot summer days, as it can easily be dilutedwith a few ice cubes without harming the taste. But it can, of course, also be enjoyed all year round.

Ingredients: Water, organic lime juice 20%, organic cane sugar, organic mint. Pasteurized.

Nutrition Facts per 100 ml.:



- of which saturates


- of which sugars



204 kj/48 kcal

0 g

0 g

12 g

12 g

0 g

0 g