Yuzu Lemonade




The taste is very distinctive and can be described as the taste of fresh lemon, sweet clementine and bitter grapefruit combined.

Our favourite lemonade, with a very characteristic taste of fresh lemon, sweet clementine, and bitter grapefruit, all mixed into a single blend, which offers a delicate hit once you get to know it.

The yuzu fruit originates in Japan, and is very similar to the clementine in both size and appearance, but is the same yellow colour as the lemon. It only contains a small amount of juice, with each fruit yielding only 10-12 ml of juice, equivalent to just under one tablespoon. The low juice content means that the yuzu fruit is one of the world’s most expensive and in-demand citrus fruits.

Our organic yuzu lemonade is fantastic for drinks and cocktails when you want to bring out a hint of bitterness. Goes well with gin as a replacement for tonic water.

Ingredients: Water, organic yuzu juice 10%, organic lemon juice, organic cane sugar. Pasteurized.

Nutrition Facts per 100 ml.:



- of which saturates


- of which sugars



204 kj/48 kcal

0 g

0 g

12 g

12 g

0 g

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