About Us

It's all about flavor! Our passion lies in creating organic lemonades where flavor and ingredients harmonize perfectly.

Matr Copenhagen is located in the heart of Copenhagen, and our approach is more than just a traditional lemonade producer; we're a flavor company at our core. Flavor - and we mean a lot of it - is our promise to you every time we create a lemonade.

Our name, rooted in the Old Norse word for food, inspires us to embrace the Nordic ethos of simplicity, reflected in our short ingredient list.

To ensure that every sip has the highest quality, we craft our lemonades in small batch productions of no more than 2,000 liters per batch, and we never use additives, colorings, concentrates, or preservatives.

We value the subtle flavor nuances that arise in each production and take pride in only using organic ingredients in ample quantities. We invest time in sourcing the very best ingredients, so when we find them, there's no reason to skimp.

All our products are carefully blended, bottled, and subjected to thorough quality control in Denmark. Therefore, the production itself is subject to Danish organic certification.