About Us

It’s all about taste! That’s why we love to create organic lemonades and nectars with tastes and ingredients that are taken to the next level.

Matr Copenhagen is located in Copenhagen, and we consider ourselves to be more of a flavour company than a traditional lemonade producer. Flavour… and lots of it! That is our promise to you when we make lemonades and nectars.

“Matr” means “food” in Old Norse, and we embrace that name, as we are inspired by the Nordic tradition of simplicity, which is expressed by a list of ingredients that is as short as possible.

It is all about taste with us, and we are quite proud of the subtle differences in taste present in every batch we make, as we exclusively use generous quantities of organic ingredients full of flavour.

We spend a great deal of time looking for just the right quality ingredients, and when we finally find them we see no reason not to use plenty of them. All of our ingredients are organic, and we never use concentrates or add E numbers to our products. We also only use cane sugar for sweetening, and never use artificial or natural sugar substitutes.

We add sugar to the lemonades and nectars in order to bring out the flavour, and also to ensure that the lemonades don’t become too sour and that the flavour of the nectars doesn’t become too thin. They shouldn’t just taste of sugar, of course, so in order to avoid over-sweetening we use as little sugar as possible without diminishing the flavour.

All of our products are mixed, bottled, and tested for quality in Denmark. The production process itself is therefore also subject to Danish rules on organic production.