Passion Fruit Nectar




Sour, sweet and aromatic taste, without being perfumed.

Passion fruit can quickly become overly sweet and perfumed if you cannot find the right balance between sweet and sour.

It took us a long time to find this balance, but the result has been, to put it mildly, fantastic. We found just the perfect combination, which highlights the sweet and sour passion fruit flavours, and demonstrates just how incredibly flavourful this fruit is.

Our organic passion fruit nectar is simply made from ripe passion fruits, water, and cane sugar. Our nectar doesn’t need anything else to taste great.

Ingredients: Water, organic passion fruit juice 28%, organic cane sugar. Pasteurized. Fruit content: 28%.

Nutrition Facts per 100 ml.:



- of which saturates


- of which sugars



180 kj/42 kcal

0 g

0 g

11 g

11 g

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